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Charge Blade


This page is meant to be a reference for the Monster Hunter World | Charge Blade Tutorial video from Arekkz Gaming.


If you see this icon above a button, that means that button should be held down. See the video for more information.

Sword Mode

Phial + damage combo

More damage but moves you around more

Harder to loop

Storing charges in shield

Charging sword

Axe Mode

Strongest move

Monster is down or guaranteed opening

Second in damage (less time to complete)

Trying to hit a hard to reach part of the monster

Switching Combos

Shortcut to SAED

Only usable if opportunity is presented (monster is down or not moving)

Uses one phial / keeps you mobile

Deals considerably more damage than this combo and 1 second longer

Storing phials

Not as powerful, same time as combo above (approx)

Guard Points