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Finding What Works For You - Blog Hiatus

Howdy stranger

Just like there are seasons in the year, there are seasons in one’s life and career. Priorities are always shiftings and goals become a moving target.

This is pertinent to this blog because it used to be a platform to facilitate what my priorities and goals were last year. But then all of the sudden… it stopped.


I’ve stopped blogging as a means to facilitate learning.

If I heard that from a colleague I might be a little concerned.

Instead of blogging, I”m going to focus on meetups, reading, and other mediums to faciltate my learnings.

Now that, I wouldn’t bat an eye at. Granted that’s the approach that I’ve been taking the past year so I’m a little bias.

Granted with the current climate of the world physical meetups have turned into webinars and virtual gatherings but it gets the job done.

Public Service Annoucement

This post is a short one and that’s intentional.

I’m going to continue on the path I’ve pivoted to since last year and revisit writing on here when that makes sense.